Never a dull moment

My job requires me to travel quite a bit. Trips usually last a couple of days, and most of that time is spent alone, twiddling my thumbs. Sure, I can visit the tourist traps, but I feel strange doing such things all alone, and being recently divorced I have no family to bring along. This is why I sometimes like to employ the services of a local escort service.

One of my favorites is Manchester escorts, and I always look them up when I’m in the area. the escorts are always kind, attractive, and are always willing to have fun. Why, just last week “Cindy” and I enjoyed a fine evening together. We had a lovely dinner and drinks, and went dancing after. It makes these business trips so much less boring having someone to go places with, and share an intelligent conversation with. See you again soon, Manchester.

Oasis on the Manchester Scene

It seems like just yesterday Oasis was returning to the city they cherished for a hometown gig. In the mid-90s Britpop exploded across England as UK pride took to the streets. There was a new prime minister resulting in a new era. For the first time ever, a prime minister focused on the arts to get votes. Oasis appeared on the scene, singing of the trials and tribulations of living in middle class Manchester. Any working person could relate to the rock ‘n roll and London dominatrix, making Oasis one of the most successful bands out of the Britpop movement. Years later the band performed together until 2009 when the Gallagher brothers could no longer put their differences aside. Today any Labor party member or follower from Manchester will tell you it was a magical time on the scene during the mid-90s. However, when Radiohead made their appearance Britpop took a turn from pop to alt rock.

Not Too Impressed

I have never really been overly impressed with escorts and what that particular type of business has to offer. But after this past weekend, my thoughts on it has been forever changed. After my first few escort experiences, I decided that I would not waste another dime on them in my lifetime. That was until I got invited out on a double date, and my date did not show. Luckily my friend persuaded me to call Surrey escorts for a backup date. I never thought I would say this, but my escort was amazing in every single way. She made me feel like I was the most handsome guy on the planet and I even made her laugh numerous times throughout the night. Her personality is what really dragged me in closer to her. She was very kind and heart of gold that will someday belong to a very lucky man.